Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe

All inflatable canoes come with a myriad of reasons for consumers to shop smart. How does it inflate, how heavy is it, can it be transported easily, what kind of material(s) is it made from, what kind of room does it give the user, are there storage compartments inside, how safe it is. This is just the beginning of the list, but if you’re new to buying canoes, and especially if you’re new to buying inflatable canoes, you need to find out what you’re getting in the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe before you go any further. Here are the technical specs of the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe that we will be looking at.

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe

  1. Length Overall – 10’6″
  2. Beam – 3’3″
  3. Weight – 32 lbs.
  4. Person Capacity – 2
  5. Max. Capacity – 440 lbs.
  6. Available Colors – Green and Blue
  7. On Sale at for just under $410

So, let’s break this down into 4 categories, namely: safety, handle-ability, comfort, and additional features. So, lets begin with most important issue of any canoe or canoe trip, safety.


Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe SeatIdeally, the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe is meant for lakes, ocean fishing, rough waters, and diving. This is because they created this canoe in the likeness of traditional North American Natives’ canoe style, with a raised bow and stern and a slender, shape and comfortable fit for users. The positioning of the two bucket seats creates a balance of weight that is best suited for making sharp turns, however it is also quite usable while solo tracking (steering).


The Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe has magnificent handling in turbulent conditions and, needless to say, in calmer waters. First of all, it has two directional strakes to help your tracking during intense situations in the water. Additionally, it is a bit heavier than some inflatable canoes, weighing in at 32 lbs and, thus, gives your primary and secondary stability much needed reinforcement in choppy waters. Finally, and superfluous for some, but always a nice add-on if you’re interested is Colorado Canoe’s motor mount fitting, which is designed for a Sevylor SBM 12V trolling motor.


sevylon inflatable colorado canoe specsThe Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe was created in the image of traditional canoes, which means it is meant for longer trips and therefore was designed for comfort. The bucket seats are especially flexible so that they will fit the contours of any person perfectly. There is about 45 inches of leg room per person, so it is amply comfortable for anyone up to even six and a half feet tall. Also, there are standard supports for both kayak and canoe paddles.

Additional Features

Finally, this canoe’s feature list is quite abundant. The Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe comes with the following:

  1. PVC bladders with nylon covers
  2. Repair Kit
  3. Nylon Carrying Bag
  4. Detachable Skeg
  5. Air Pump

Here’s what K. Pegel had to say about the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe:

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado CanoeI think that this Sevylor canoe is a great buy for the money. It is easy to haul and set up. We keep it on a shelf in the garage and throw it in the car on a whim to go to the local lake all the time. We are both over 45 and come close to hitting the maxium weight limit. My husband and grown sons use it for fishing all the time. We do not have the money, space, or trailer to have a regular canoe. This has worked out great. Our grown children have stopped by on weekends, picked up the canoe and went out and had a great day. It is very easy to store, carry and set up.

Overall, we would give this canoe a 9/10! It only loses out on its perfect score due to the fact that it doesn’t come with its own paddles, but those are really quite cheap, and easy to find anywhere. This is a really great example of a sturdy, sleek, and powerful canoe. We would highly recommend the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe to beginners, intermediates and experts alike.

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