River Rules & Tips

Assumption of Risk:

Paddling a river includes elements of risks much like any outdoor activity. We strongly discourage anyone impaired by medication, drugs, or alcohol to go on any of our trips.

Pregnant women need to consider their physical condition, paddling skills, and risk level on the Pine River. We expect the group leader to convey our policies to those who are in his/her group who may not have received our paperwork, or who may not be coming into our office to receive our policies.

Shomler Canoes & Kayaks LLC does not assume liability for personal injuries or accidents. Group leaders sign a waiver and release form prior to the trip.

River Rules & Tips

  1. Group Leaders, please convey the following river rules and tips to your group prior to your arrival to eliminate any surprises.
  2. River hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. so plan your trip accordingly.
  3. All items must be fastened to the watercraft. We supply one litter bag with each watercraft (to be returned with equipment). We also sell dry bags in the gift shop which can be fastened around the yoke of the canoe. For environmental reasons, glass bottles, Styrofoam coolers and balloons are not allowed on the river. Do not throw trash or cans in the river or on the banks. Help keep the Pine beautiful. Pack out trash.
  4. Alcohol consumption is limited to 4 – 12oz cans per person. It is unlawful to operate a watercraft while intoxicated. Hard liquor, kegs and glass beverage containers are prohibited on the river.
  5. Respect the rights of private property owners, other river users, and fishermen. Stay off private property, be quiet when approaching fishermen, and keep any horseplay confined to your group.
  6. Be prepared. Bring old shoes or water shoes for wading or swimming. Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant and rope to tie everything down. It is often cool in the mornings so dress in layers. Leave valuables and non-waterproof items in the car. Make sure keys are secure in a zippered pocket or pinned in.
  7. We recommend that each group designate a “lead” and “last” canoe to help keep your group together and eliminate passing the stopping points.
  8. Make reservations early. Saturdays in July and August fill up months in advance. Consider a weekday trip for less money and river traffic.
  9. Dogs are not allowed in the rafts. Their nails damage the rubber floor.