The Pine River is a National Scenic river that flows mainly through the Manistee National Forest. It offers many opportunities to view wildlife, especially on weekdays or during the off season. We offer several trips ranging from 2 hours to 3 days. The table below shows the amount of time and distance between the landings.

Beginning from Briar Patch and paddling…

To Meadowbrook Bridge2 hours4.9 miles
To Skookum Bridge1 hour2.4 miles
To Silver Creek
(Walker Bridge)
2 hours6.5 miles
To Lincoln Bridge1 hour2.8 miles
To Elm Flats1 hour3.3 miles
To Dobson Bridge2 hours6.3 miles
To Peterson Bridge2 ¼ hours6.2 mile
To Low Bridge3 ¼ hours8 miles

These times represent average river time. If you plan to stop to eat, swim, or relax remember to allow for more time.

River map